Tuesday, September 14, 2004
On this day:

My First Post

Wow! My first post. Finally. I've been thinking about, talking about...even daydreaming about starting a blog for quite awhile now. As my friends can attest, I can be quite the procrastinator at times. But tonight, after a hearty meal of a Whopper and fries from Burger King, I finally got some inspiration. Must have been the sound of my arteries clogging that made me think I should do this while I still have the chance.

I'm not quite sure yet where this blog will go from here, but since it's my blog, it will probably be centered around the things that interest me. Funny, that.

Near the top of my list of interests is politics - state, national, international, and if the "prophecies" pan out, even intergalactical. So, I expect that I will be commenting on the news of the day quite a bit. Like a growing number of folks these days, I get much of my news and commentary from the internet. If I want "News-for-Dummies", I go to Fox or CNN. If I want "news-for-pointy-headed intellectuals", I click to the New York Times. If I want "news-for-people-living-in-the-real-world", I read The Drudge Report and National Review Online. If I'm in the mood for "news-for-conservative-whiners", I read Andrew Sullivan. I am also directly plugged into the mainstream print media, in that I am a loyal subscriber to the Huntsville Times. Like many other newspapers, though, the Times often begins its editorials on page A1. When they do that, I hope to help direct appropriate levels of ire and consternation in their direction.

OK, enough of that...for now. I also am interested in real sciences like physics and pseudo ones like economics. In fact, I considered both of those as majors/minors in college. I ended up majoring in Electrical Engineering after I was told that they had dropped the requirement for wearing pocket protectors.

So, I intend to include lots of cussing and dis-cussing, ranting and raving, and general rambling on this blog. Maybe I can learn a few things here and there, too. Comments are always welcome. So here we go...this should be fun.