Thursday, October 21, 2004
On this day:

Bush for President

This is my contribution to Hugh Hewitt's virtual symposium on the question ""In 250 words or less, why vote for Bush and what's wrong with Kerry?"

As President Bush has said, this presidential election presents a choice between Massachusetts liberalism and compassionate conservatism. To this "dispassionate conservative," it is an easy choice to make. I'm voting for President Bush.

President Bush's bold initiatives in both domestic and foreign policy hold the promise of securing America's interests in the world and of increasing prosperity here at home. On the issues, his positions are vastly preferable to those of Senator Kerry.

Foreign policy and defense - President Bush has adapted America's foreign policy to face the unique problems of our time. He understands that the interests of the world's nations have changed drastically since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of Islamist fundamentalism. His administration has been quick to react to these changes, and has undertaken bold steps to confront emerging threats prudently and realistically.

The economy - President Bush recognizes that high taxes and excessive regulation are drags on American productivity. He has pledged to continue reducing the burden of taxes and regulation on economic growth.

Social Security - President Bush believes that the Social Security system can be improved by providing workers with new options to invest their earnings in accounts that they own themselves. The "ownership society" he speaks of would help build a constituency for limited government and individual liberty, positioning America to continue down the road of unsurpassed prosperity in the 21st Century.

The judiciary - The President will appoint judges committed to strict interpretation of the Constitution and laws. His first-term appointments have proven this.

Faith - President Bush is unashamed of his faith in God. He has made it known that his faith guides his actions and instructs his conscience, which is comforting in today's world.

For all of these reasons and many more, I will be voting for President Bush on November 2.