Monday, October 11, 2004
On this day:

Hig for President

Well...not quite. My good friend Tim Higgins is running for a seat on the Coweta County Commission in Georgia. Here's his web site. Feel free to spam him with e-mails along the lines of:

1) There's a pothole the size of Texas about 1/2 mile down the road. My wife hits the damn thing every time she goes to the Wal-Mart. What are YOU gonna do to fix it?

2) My little Johnny says that the internet service at his school is unreliable. He tells me that internet access is very important for him in completing his book reports. Do you support improving technology in the schools or would you make my Johnny actually have to go to the library and read a book instead of just borrowing a ready-made report from one of the nice people on the internet?

3) I see that you are a Republican. What do you have against the old, infirm, and poverty-stricken?

4) Will you promise me that if you change your mind and raise taxes you will submit to tarring and feathering prior to taking a one-way trip back to Alabama?

5) What will you do to keep all those carpetbagging Yankees from Atlanta out of Newnan?

6) Can you see about making Alan Jackson's birthday a holiday in Coweta County?

7) Are you related to that fellow from the TV show?

Just kidding about the spamming...Hig's got his hands full without having to deal with a cluttered inbox. It's great to see such a smart and honest person trying his hand at politics. It sounds like the family is having a great time campaigning, and that things are going well. Everyone had better contribute NOW to ensure unfettered access to the highest levels of Coweta County government!