Tuesday, January 25, 2005
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Don't Forget

Siegelman administration misdeeds are still under investigation. One of his buddies, Lanny Young, will go to trial March 7 on charges that he bribed a Cherokee County commissioner.

Young's lawyer is Steve Glassroth. Hmmmm...where have we seen that name before? Yup, Glassroth's the guy who just couldn't bear the sight of Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument. From his complaint:

Although Mr. Glassroth does not approach and examine the monument every time he is in the Judicial Building, he cannot help but notice it as he enters the rotunda. He must approach the monument in order to access the stairs or the elevator to any of the courtrooms, or to enter the law library...or the clerk's office...Each sighting of the monument - however brief - is an affront to Mr. Glassroth.

Anyone want to bid on one of these?