Thursday, February 24, 2005
On this day:

Republicans Go On Offense for Riley's Budget

...with a radio ad campaign and a newspaper insert that appeared earlier this week. I saw the ad in the Huntsville Times and thought it was pretty effective, although the choice to run it on a Tuesday struck me as kind of odd.

Also, in a direct challenge to the AEA, several former teachers of the year have lined up publicly behind Riley's education budget.

So far, AEA has not fired back with its own advertising campaign, but AEA Executive Secretary Paul Hubbert said the teachers' organization will respond soon.

"My mother taught me one time that you can't let a weak man pound on you forever because that will bring a strong man down," Hubbert said.

Wait a minute...who's the "weak man" here? This coming from the strongest and most feared lobbyist in the state.