Thursday, February 10, 2005
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Same-Sex Marriage Ban Passes Both Houses: State Representative Likens Supporters to Hitler and Nazi Party

A proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage has now passed both houses of the legislature. The vote was 35-0 in the Senate and 85-7 in the House. The two houses must now reconcile the language before final passage. Assuming that the final version is approved by the legislature, it will go to the voters for near-certain ratification.

A survey released Tuesday by Auburn University showed that 54 percent of residents strongly support the constitutional ban and another 4 percent mildly support it. Interestingly, nearly one out of four respondents said they opposed the ban.

Rep. Alvin Holmes (D.-Montgomery) certainly isn't one for understatement. First, he said that allowing cameras at intersections was racist. Now, he has likened fundamentalist Christians to Nazis:
"The same tactics that are being used in the state of Alabama now by these fanatical religious, right-wing groups were used by Adolf Hitler ... and the Nazi movement in Germany," said Holmes, D-Montgomery. "Unless the religious fanatics in this state are stopped now..., one day we all will hang our heads in shame."