Thursday, February 03, 2005
On this day:

State of the Union Part IV - Foreign Policy

Wow. The President called out Saudi Arabia and Egypt. That will make some headlines.

He also happened to put forth a vision for the Middle East that is unparalleled among U.S. Presidents - calling on the expansion of democracy throughout the region and reiterating his commitment to "two states side by side in peace" - Israel and Palestine.

He recognized that Iraqis "have earned the respect of us all," and that they will "inspire reformers from Damascus to Tehran." He rightly said that he would not support any artificial timetables for bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq. With this President, progress is what matters.

He warned Syria and Iran to stop supporting terrorists. He expressed solidarity with the Iranian reform movement, and gave a strong hint that the U.S. would give its support to a rebellion there, should Iran's people take matters into their own hands: "As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you." Wow. That will make headlines, too.

I was a little disappointed that during the NorK part of the speech, the President didn't hold up a Team America Kim Jong-Il doll as he mentioned how "we ah getting rearry, rearry rivid about the Dear Reader's nucurar program." That would have really pissed the Little Dictator off.