Tuesday, March 22, 2005
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University of Alabama Sues Artist Daniel Moore for Trademark Violations

The University of Alabama has filed a federal lawsuit against artist Daniel Moore and his publishing company for alleged trademark violations. UA says that Moore's art depicting Alabama uniforms and logos must be licensed by the University.

Moore, whose prints portraying notable moments in Alabama football history are treasured by Bama fans far and wide, claims that his work is protected by the First Amendment and that his paintings constitute a "fair use" of the University's registered trademarks. I doubt that this action by the University will go over very well with many Bama fans - nor will it please the many admirers of Daniel Moore's work.

UA's assistant VP for university relations says that the University is only trying "to protect the university's reputation and financial interests and to protect consumers who assume Moore's products are officially licensed by the university." Oh, give me a break! Moore has done more to enhance the University's reputation through his artwork than the entire UA administration has ever done, and I'd love for someone to explain to me how suppressing free expression serves to "protect consumers." The University spin team should cut the crap - it's obvious that this suit is all about money. Here's wishing Daniel Moore all the best as he takes on the Tyrants of Tuscaloosa.

Oh...be sure to check out some of Daniel Moore's prints at the University of Alabama Supply Store's web site. (Click on Merchandise - Bama Prints.) The Supply Store is owned and operated by the University of Alabama.