Tuesday, May 24, 2005
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One unfortunate fact is that when you use terms like "treason" indiscriminately, people tend to take your arguments less seriously. Exhibit A is this semi-favorable review at Newsmax.com of Ann Coulter's bestselling book - Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. There's no doubt that the review would have been much more favorable had Miss Coulter been a little more - ummm - conservative - in her choice of language.

Here are some key excerpts:
By painting with a broad brush, one hopes as a means to generate controversy and spur sales of the book, Coulter diminishes what is actually a very powerful argument on many points...

It is a shame that "Treason" has generated so much controversy because of its title. There is much in it worth reading. Coulter makes a number of credible observations about the conduct and statements of American liberals during the Cold War that the American people should consider in determining their own partisan allegiances.
David Horowitz went even further:
It is important for conservatives to make distinctions between those on the left who were (and are) traitors or self-conceived enemies of the United States, and those who were (and are) the fellow-travelers of enemies of the United States, and those who are neither traitors, nor enemies, nor friends and protectors of enemies, but are American patriots who disagree with conservatives over tactical and policy issues.

It is important, first, because it is just, but also because it is a condition of democracy. Citizens will disagree over many issues and matters. In order for the democratic process to survive, all parties must refrain from attempts to de-legitimize those who disagree with them, provided they have legitimate concerns and dissents. If every Democrat is a traitor, if β€œthe entire party cannot root for America,” we are left with a one-party system.

The final reason for making these distinctions is that this charge – that no Democrat, apparently including Jack Kennedy, can root for America – is obviously absurd, and if conservatives do not recognize that it is absurd, nobody is going to listen to us.
No one except the kooks, that is.