Thursday, July 21, 2005
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Lucy Baxley: Tough as Nails

Pretty red painted ones.

In a possible warmup to the governor's race, Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley complained Thursday that Gov. Bob Riley's official Web site downplayed the importance of her office by listing it among the state's "cultural" agencies.

Alabama's first female lieutenant governor said she had spent years "working my way up to being a real role player in government, and I'm disappointed the governor doesn't recognize that."

Jeff Emerson, Riley's communications director, said the listing was a mistake, and it was corrected as soon as reporters mentioned it to the governor's office. He said it would have been corrected even sooner if Baxley had called when she noticed it.

Alabama's Iron Lady, she ain't.

In the process of pitching this little hissy-fit, Mrs. Baxley did manage to announce her first campaign promise. Responding to the perceived slight by the Governor, Mrs. Baxley said, "It's a mistake I'll never make when I'm elected Governor, regardless of who is Lieutenant Governor."

At least now she has taken a position on something.