Monday, December 12, 2005
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Siegelman says "No" to Yankee campaign consultants

I mentioned last week that, in a recent fundraising letter, Don Siegelman had accused Gov. Riley of being supported by "liberal anti-gun extremists" and the PETA-people. Well, now it's getting serious. Sounds like Siegelman also accused unnamed opponents of getting advice from a bunch of damned carpetbagging Yankees. The "Political Skinny" in today's Mobile Register has the details:
In his recent Sportsmen for Siegelman fund-raising letter, former Gov. Don Siegelman, who is running for governor again as a Democrat, made an interesting claim.

"You will always know where I stand and you will know that unlike my opponent, I do not need northern consultants to tell me what the people of Alabama want," he wrote.

Siegelman's usual campaign team is anchored by a general consultant from Chicago and a Philadelphia-based advertising firm. But he said so far this time he's using all "local Alabama talent."

He declined to identify which opponent or opponents have hired northern consultants.