Tuesday, February 07, 2006
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Blogging tip of the day

Guess this is one way to get folks to read your blog:
WASHINGTON (AP) — An aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions has agreed to shut down her Web log after the office heard about a complaint a Montgomery newspaper received about the site, which included a photo of the aide's bare midriff.

The Montgomery Advertiser received an e-mail Thursday about Stormie Janzen's blog on MySpace.com, a popular site that allows users to post details about their lives and to connect with friends.

The photo, which showed Janzen's midriff in open jeans and the waistband of her underwear, had been removed by Friday afternoon and entry to parts to her site were restricted to "blog owner friends only." ...

Janzen, 34, who was described as "single, straight and a Scorpio," on the site, did not appear to use the blog to comment on congressional business.

She entered observations on dating, hanging out with girlfriends, and one of her biggest turn-ons — men in button-fly jeans.
The Montgomery Advertiser has more (including a photo) here. I only hope that Stormie weathers the criticism.