Monday, April 24, 2006
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Democratic AG candidate Larry Darby calls Holocaust the "HoloHoax"

Is Larry Darby a Holocaust-denier and/or an anti-Semite? His words speak for themselves.

On January 2, Mr. Darby responded to this blog post by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. (See my previous post.) Darby's response was published on the ReligionLaw discussion list, which is moderated by Professor Volokh. Here's an excerpt:

Preserving the myths regarding "the holocaust", which is a modern religion for Zionists or Israel-Firsters, is what motivated Volokh to write his piece about me, without interviewing me or addressing genuine issues. Criticism of Trotskyism or Communism, which is the ideology of the Nonconservatives (Jewish and Jewish-Christian Zionists), is what Volokh feared. He later revealed that he had lied to me when he claimed he did not know what "MOT" means, but I digress again, which is easy to do when pretentious "scholars" reveal insidious motives that, if successful, will result in the destruction of our Republic or the principles of individual liberties forged during the Enlightenment and manifested in the US Constitution. A reason why the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech are quick to holler "anti-semite" or "holocaust denier" or "anti-Jew" (terms of art for Zionists) is that they fear that when a truth-seeker begins looking into taboos of Judaism, World Jewry or its organizations, and their global endeavors, that their cover will be blown, so to speak. In my investigations of modern mythology, such as the Six Millions Lie, which by the way was first trotted out by Zionists during or immediately after World War One, there is a nasty aspect that is too often ignored - that of Jewish Supremacism. I've noticed megalomania or superiority complexes even with so-called secular Jews. Even though so-called secular Jews reject the existence of YHWH (the Jewish God of War, the surviving god of all the gods Jews once worshiped) who made them the Master Race, according to the Tanakh, so-called secular Jews are still Jewish Supremacists.

I think Gilad Atzmon sums up how it is: I argue that once you strip Jewishness of its spiritual content you areleft with mere racism. Gilad Atzmon, Israeli-born, raised as a "secularJew", who later renounced his Jewishness altogether. Dec. 21, 2005 in San Francisco Independent Media. ...

Many Americans are brain-warped to believe that criticizing Judaism or Jewry or US foreign policy regarding Israel is taboo. Many people don't understand that the offensive (not defensive) terms of art, such as"anti-semite", are just weapons employed by the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech to quash free inquiry and free expression about subjects that lead to greater awareness and understanding of the elephant in the living room.

Later that day, Darby added:

Remember that Volokh opened the door to this, without even bothering toaddress genuine issues of fact. As I said, the artful dodger ignored orrejected by willingness to get to a material discussion of the issues. Volokh set out on a course of groundless personal attack based on the [dumbed down] propensity of most Americans to accept without question the politically correct dogma fed to us by media for the masses and government-run schools and ivory tower "intellectuals" with insidious motivations. And like it or not, the dogma we are fed includes a big dose of Holocaust religion that is without evidence or proof, such as the "Six Millions Lie" first trotted out by Zionists during or after World War One. ...

It is not the Latin cross the Neoconservatives are trying to install in government building[s]!

When one list member asked Mr. Darby to clarify his position (i.e. "what he means by the 'six millions lie'"), he responded:

I have little or no interest responding to your query; it appears to be an attempt at misdirection away from the issues, such as Volokh's dishonesty and rampant Jewish Supremacism in the United States. ... does not have to have survived anything to be deemed a"holocaust survivor" just as one does not have to deny mass deaths of innocents in order for the mythmakers and profiteers of the Holocaust Industry to deem one a "holocaust denier".

There's no business like shoah business!

Finally, Mr. Darby came right out and said it: the Holocaust (or what is presented as such) is a myth.

I know the truth is very difficult for some of you to accept, but what is presented as "the holocaust" is a myth and there is an industry that goes with it. A Jewish fellow, Norman Finkelstein wrote a book on it,"The Holocaust Industry", which for those of you versed in the English language, is just another way of saying "Shoah Business."

Resorting to calling me names just won't work. I do not bow down to semantic terrorism deployed to quash discussion of fact or mythology regarding mass deaths of innocents during World War Two. It's sorta like the man in New Jersey said, ""These Holocaust deniers are very slick people. They justify everything they say with facts and figures." - Chairman, New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education(Newark Star-Ledger, 23 Oct. 1996, p 15) Have a nice day.
It seems that Darby is not only a Holocaust-denier...he's a Moses-denier, too. Interestingly, his objection to public displays of the Ten Commandments seems to stem primarily from their Jewish origin, as opposed to his own atheism:

The half-hearted opposition to religion encroachment into government, popularly known as "separation of church and state", with its artificial constructs of the "Lemon" test and "Marsh" exception appear to effectively have worked to allow the Law of Moses or the Ten Commandments (given to the fictional Jewish character Moses in Hebrew lore) to represent the de facto US Religion.

When the Hebrew writings (or translation) are presented as historical documents (a factual impossibility given that the Torah was derived from sources over a period of about 800 years) and placed next to genuinely historical documents (such as the US Constitution), Government is telegraphing that Jewish law is equal to or superior to the Supreme Law of the Land.

It is not the Latin cross or other genuine Christian symbols the Neoconservatives (Trotskyists, Zionists, Dominionists) are placing on government property, validated by courts far and wide.
It gets worse. This item , posted by Darby on January 27, eventually led to his booting from Volokh's discussion list. In it, he linked to an article claiming that "Jews have superstitious reasons pertaining to the number 'six' for claiming that six million died" and that "Holocaust lore is essential to the precarious legitimacy of the Jewish State." After he was kindly asked to keep his posts on topic, Darby went off the deep end:

My post was very much material and relevant to law and religion. I believe our ListMeister fears any criticism of Judaism or world Jewry or global endeavors of its adherents. No matter how often or who opposes freedom of religion, which includes criticism of Judaism, the knowledge of truth (of the HoloHoax) is expanding across the Earth.
So, there we have it, folks. A major-party candidate for Attorney General of Alabama recently called the Holocaust the "HoloHoax." If this has been reported in the mainstream media, I must have missed it. If the Alabama Democratic Party has issued a statement distancing itself from Larry Darby's views, then it seems that that too, has either passed by unnoticed or unreported.

To be fair, the Montgomery Advertiser did run this article back in November of 2005, after the Southern Poverty Law Center's criticized Darby for hosting Holocaust-denier David Irving at an Atheist Law Center event. Darby also got a brief mention in this January AP article, after he spoke in opposition to Alabama's proposed hate crimes law:

Larry Darby, founder of the Atheist Law Center in Montgomery and a Democratic candidate for attorney general, urged the committee to kill the bill because similar laws in other countries have been used to prevent free speech. He cited British historian David Irving, who is in jail in Austria awaiting trial on charges of denying that Nazis slaughtered 6 million Jews. Denying or diminishing the Holocaust is a crime in Austria punishable by up to 10 yeas in prison.

"Irving's findings are counter to the government-sanctioned version of what is called the Holocaust. The Holocaust has evolved into a religious industry with sacred precepts that are examined only under the penalty of law. Free speech is anathema to the Holocaust industry," Darby said.

Some committee members ridiculed Darby's remarks. "I hear the black helicopters coming," quipped Rep. Dick Brewbaker, R-Montgomery.

Holmes said he was uncertain what would happen to his bill until Darby spoke against it, but his remarks cinched the favorable vote.

Other than that, though...the mainstream media has been silent. Oh, it's probably not that big of a deal, and it's probably best that Darby's views get as little attention as possible, but if he were a Republican...don't you think that the coverage would have been a little different?