Thursday, January 25, 2007
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Charles Barkley for Governor in 2014?

NOT. This item from the Mobile Press-Register's "Political Skinny" shows why:
Charles Barkley says he is continuing to lay the groundwork for a run for governor of Alabama.

"I'm planning on running in 2014. I live in Phoenix, and it takes seven years to establish residency in Alabama, so I'm working on that now," Barkley told the Sacramento Bee in a recent interview, adding that he was leaning toward running "as an independent, though maybe as a Democrat."

"I'm very disappointed in the Republicans. I don't like (President) Bush at all. He might be a good guy, but he has taken the Republicans too far to the right," said Barkley, who previously suggested that he would seek the Republican Party's nomination in Alabama. "I never have been a Republican. I said I was rich like a Republican. I don't think the Democrats are much better, though I loved Bill Clinton."

Barkley, however, said he wasn't likely to support Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., in her bid for president in 2008.

"I like Barack Obama and John Edwards . I think America is sexist. I don't think she could be elected. I don't think they'll elect a black man, either, but maybe as vice president."
Just one comment; the rest speaks for itself: Anyone who thinks that President Bush has taken the Republican Party "too far to the right" just doesn't have a clue - about President Bush or the Republican Party or conservatism or the history of the past six years.