Wednesday, April 18, 2007
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AL Democratic Party Blog: Sessions not held in high regard

Did you know that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is short and hangs out with "no lipped white boys?" That observation was made last year by liberal blogger Wonkette, and one Alabama Democratic Party blogger (echoing Trent at now cites it as evidence that Sessions is "not held in high regard" as a Senator.

The reason I'm bringing this up and wasting precious Blogger-bytes by linking to the ADP web site is this:

This particular ADP blogger seems to view a person's physical characteristics (including those that are directly linked to his race) as valid and appropriate considerations in judging his fitness to serve in Congress. While that line of thought runs deeply through the long history of the Alabama Democratic Party, I had been under the impression that today's crop of Democrats were a bit more progressive. Apparently, I was mistaken.

This is nothing that a few hours of sensitivity training couldn't cure, of course.

I can see it now:
Sensitive instructor: "Now students, can you see how calling people 'no-lipped white boys' might be hurtful?"

Insensitive ADP bloggers: "No. We were referring to Republicans. They have no feelings."

Sensitive instructor: "True, but some Democrats would fit that description, as well."

Insensitive ADP bloggers: "Yes, but no-lipped white boy Democrats love pain. They are Democrats, after all. They welcome the opportunity to suffer for their role in oppressing non-Anglo peoples."

Sensitive instructor: "But what if you had substituted 'thick-lipped black boys' for 'no-lipped white boys?' That could have been quite hurtful, right?"

Insensitive ADP bloggers: "That would be projecting a harmful racial stereotype onto an underrepresented and historically oppressed minority, and it would be wrong. Whites are not underrepresented nor have they been historically oppressed. We can call them whatever we want."

Sensitive instructor: "But, what if they don't like that?"

Insensitive ADP bloggers: "Then they must be Republicans. What do we care?"

Sensitive instructor: "You know? I think you're right. Class dismissed."