Monday, February 18, 2008
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Happy Washington's Birthday

Presidents' Day? Pfui! (H/T Scott Allan)

I would prefer to celebrate Washington's Birthday on...well...Washington's birthday - February 22. But whatever date is chosen, you'll never find me celebrating this watered down pick-your-favorite-president holiday they call "Presidents' Day."

Here's Gleaves Whitney on NRO today:
People ask why a few of us presidential junkies would like to see Presidents’ Day changed back to Washington’s Birthday. The technical explanation has to do with a misguided law called HR 15951 that was passed in 1968 to make federal holidays less complicated. The real answer is simply this: George Washington is our greatest president, and too few American children know why.
For my previous Washington's Birthday posts, see here ("Bring Back Washington's Birthday", Feb. 21, 2005), here ("George Washington: The Indispensable Man", Feb. 22, 2005), here ("Presidents' Day? What's that?", Feb. 20, 2006), and here ("Remembering George Washington", Feb. 22, 2007).