Thursday, March 06, 2008
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Cuba's Great Awakening

Here's some encouraging news from the New York Times:
HAVANA — A growing underground network of young people armed with computer memory sticks, digital cameras and clandestine Internet hookups has been mounting some challenges to the Cuban government in recent months, spreading news that the official state media try to suppress. ...

“It passes from flash drive to flash drive,” said Ariel, 33, a computer programmer, who, like almost everyone else interviewed for this article, asked that his last name not be used for fear of political persecution. “This is going to get out of the government’s hands because the technology is moving so rapidly.”
The Cuban people's thirst for freedom has been denied for far too long. They've endured political and religious persecution and economic hardship to a degree that many of us in this country have neither the will nor even the capacity to imagine. While we revel in our liberty and affluence, we often fail to appreciate just how precious and rare they really are.

In Cuba, the Castro brothers have done their best to extinguish liberty, but they haven't extinguished hope. They have managed to put affluence beyond the reach of all but a few, but the dreams of the many are sustained by a quiet confidence in an age-old truth: that a government whose fundamental principles stands opposed to man's nature and to the eternal law that governs it cannot last forever. A second Cuban revolution is coming, and it will be people like Yoani Sanchez - one of the brave young bloggers mentioned in the New York Times piece - who will make it happen.

Viva Cuba Libre!