Monday, March 31, 2008
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Poll: McCain routs either Obama or Clinton in Alabama

According to the Mobile Press-Register, their latest poll shows that John McCain would "rout either U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York or U.S. Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois by more than 20 percentage points in Alabama."

One knock against the Press-Register here is that they don't give actual numbers for the head-to-head matchups of McCain vs. Obama and McCain vs. Clinton. All we're left with is that McCain beats either one of the Dems by "more than 20 percentage points." Big whoop.

C'mon guys! If you're gonna make a poll into a news story, don't skip out on reporting the key detail of the poll.

Update: The AP has the breakdown:
McCain was favored by 52 percent to 30 percent of those surveyed against Clinton while 5 percent picked another candidate and 13 percent didn't know or didn't answer. Going head-to-head against Obama, McCain was chosen by a 57-33 percent margin, with 2 percent choosing another candidate and 11 percent who were undecided or didn't answer.