Monday, June 16, 2008
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Who'd make the best President? Two Alabama Democratic Congressional candidates won't say

It must be tough running for Congress as a Blue Dog Democrat these days. Trying to appeal to the conservative constituents back home while also trying to avoid a smackdown by the party's dominant liberal wing - led by Speaker Pelosi and candidate Obama - makes for plenty of hard decisions. You'd think that figuring out who to endorse for President would be one of the easier ones to make, but that's apparently not the case.

The AP reports that State Senator Parker Griffith and Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright, two Democrats who are running for Congress from Alabama's Fifth and Second Congressional districts respectively, have thus far refused to endorse their party's presumptive nominee for President. That's in spite of the fact that should they be elected, the outcome of this year's presidential race will have more impact on the issues these two gentlemen say they care about than almost anything else during their terms in office. It's for that reason that voters in their districts need to know who they think would make the best President and why.

It's hard to believe that two seasoned politicians like Griffith and Bright have yet to make up their minds about whether they will support John McCain or Barack Obama come November. It's not a trick question. If they're elected, they will face much trickier ones. So why is it that when confronted with what is arguably the most important issue of this election - determining who is best suited to run the executive branch of the federal government - these two Blue Dogs have seen fit to tuck tail and run?