Friday, October 17, 2008
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Why we need Voter ID

Six Alabama counties have more enrolled voters than people of voting age.

The Birmingham News reports:

The counties that have more people on the voting rolls than they do voting-age residents, according to a News analysis, were Conecuh, Greene, Lowndes, Perry, Washington and Wilcox.

The highest percentages were in Greene and Perry counties. Both had more people on the voting rolls than voting-age residents, even when only the active voter list was taken into account, and not the inactive list. Under state law, people who don't vote for four years are moved to an inactive voter list. Inactive voters are removed from the rolls if they don't vote in two consecutive federal elections and don't respond to attempts to contact them by mail.

I suspect that a well-known, highly partisan community organizing group has got something to do with this. That group - which has been in the news quite a bit recently - is called the Democratic Party.

(Unlike other states, it doesn't appear that ACORN is involved in fraudulently registering voters here in Alabama.)