Monday, October 18, 2004
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Flora-Bama Update

Gotta love this...make sure you read the last paragraph. From the Birmingham News:

Equally determined to stay put, although in a more sin-loving kind of way, are the owners of the Flora-Bama Lounge.

Ivan knocked down much of the building, although the hurricane's 120 mph winds weren't strong enough to blow the cigarette smoke smell out of the remaining walls.

Joe Gilchrist, a Birmingham-native and Flora-Bama co-owner, said owners are still trying to figure out how much of the original building, if anything, can be salvaged. Gilchrist said not to worry, though. The rebuilt 'Bama, home of the Mullet Toss festival, will never blend in with the sleek condos taking over the beachfront.

"It will not be made of pink stucco with a purple roof," Gilchrist said. "Whatever we do, it will be done in just as poor taste as everything we've always done. We will be true to our original concept of trashy modern."