Saturday, October 23, 2004
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Group Labeled a "Hate Group" Holds Demonstration at Southern Poverty Law Center

The League of the South, responding to the SPLC's claims that it is a "hate group," protested at SPLC headquarters in Montgomery yesterday.
Robert B. Hayes, director of the South Carolina League of the South, said the group was there to protest the Center, which he called a "hate institution."

"They hate everything that has to do with the South and with Southern culture," Hayes said. "They hate Christianity."

...McBerry said (SPLC chairman) Dees also has misrepresented the League of the South by calling it a hate group.

"They said we are a racist organization, when in truth we have several black members and members of other races," McBerry said. "They also portrayed us as a domestic terrorist group when we fully and wholeheartedly embrace the Constitution."