Wednesday, October 06, 2004
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I Take It Back

I think I was being a little pessimistic about "my guy" earlier. After watching parts of the debate again, I flip-flopped and now think that Cheney won. He performed better than Edwards during the foreign policy and defense portion of the debate. His main weakness during that part was in addressing allegations regarding his Halliburton connections. He had answered those points by referring viewers to since he didn't have the time during his segment to answer them in detail. That site lends credible support to Cheney's position. Also, that issue is likely to be at the bottom of the list in voters' minds, falling into the "all-politicians-are-crooks" category for the most cynical. Edwards may have marginally had the edge during the domestic policy part...not on policy recommendations, but on debating points. Overall, I still think that both candidates did very well, but Cheney won the debate.