Friday, October 01, 2004
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Synopsis of the Candidates Messages

Here are what I see as the main messages from the two candidates:

Bush - "Our foreign and defense policies will be centered around preserving and advancing the interests of the United States in the world. The greatest interest we have is to protect our land and our people. We will seek alliances with those who share mutual interests. But, we will not will not seek 'permission' from anyone when it is necessary to fight the enemies of liberty and civilization. We will secure credibility and respect of both friends and foes by living up to our word. We will be jealous of our sovereignty, because Americans' liberties cannot be subjected to the will of foreign powers. We desire peace, but when the stakes are as high as they are now, we must always be prepared for war."

Kerry - "They'll like me better, I promise. Kim Jong-Il and the mullahs in Iran will tremble before me. The French will swoon. (I have relatives in France, by the way.) I will do everything I can to make us more popular around the world. Every time I visit with a foreign leader, I have to apologize for the brashness of the current administration. When over 75% of the peace-loving French say they 'hate' us, you know something is wrong. And so, it will be my goal to replace swagger with sweetness, "bravado" with "detente", Stealth bombers with little cute birdies holding olive branches in their teeth. And in the end, we will be liked...liked more than any other people have been liked in the history of the world. And, because I'M JOHN KERRY, we will be more secure in the world, and all precious children and puppies will be safer."