Wednesday, January 26, 2005
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Mobile Register to Siegelman: Quit Whining

From Sunday's Mobile Register:

IF FORMER Gov. Don Siegelman is thinking about running again, he would do well to quit whining that he has been wronged by Republicans.

Mr. Siegelman is conducting a series of "listening post" public meetings around the state. At the first one in Huntsville last week, he blamed Republicans for "politically motivated, faceless and fabricated" federal criminal charges against him and said, "I thought they had been satisfied with stealing the election."

One more time, for old times sake: Yes, Mr. Siegelman lost a very close election to Gov. Bob Riley in 2002. Yes, there was a colossal reporting error in Baldwin County that briefly credited Mr. Siegelman with some 6,300 votes that in fact never existed. But he didn't win, and he knows it, and the 2002 election is long over.