Friday, January 28, 2005
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More BS

This story follows nicely from one I mentioned in a post yesterday.

Question: How do you extinguish a big, flaming pile of BS? A farmer in Milford, Nebraska is trying his best to figure that out, because his neighbors and the Nebraska enviro-police have complained about the smoldering mound of cow manure on his property.

So far, he's tried spreading the s*** out over a wider patch of ground, but that didn't work. He might try to do what a farmer in Washington did in a similar situation - smother the fire out by piling on fresh s***. Water would put it out, but that solution isn't possible because runoff might find its way into nearby water supplies.

Hmmmmm...seems to me that the morals of the story are:

To managers and politicians: when your pet program is in trouble and begins to attract unfavorable attention, it is better to pile the s*** high rather than spread it thin.

To almost everyone else: Don't buy any of it, because bulls*** won't hold water.