Saturday, February 26, 2005
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Siegelman Still Under Investigation

This time, federal investigators are looking at state bond deals and a no-bid construction contract while Siegelman was Governor.

From the Mobile Register:
The ongoing corruption probe into activities when Don Siegelman was governor now includes a no-bid construction contract to a Birmingham company hand-picked by Siegelman and a program that allows companies to borrow money cheaply through the sale of tax-exempt bonds.

In an interview with the B'ham news, Siegelman said, "It sure has the ring of politics. We're right here in the beginning of the 2006 election cycle."

The ring of politics, or the ring of corruption? Siegelman's role in spreading money around to is buddies may or may not have been illegal - that's for the lawyers to sort out - but it certainly seems unethical.

Mr. Siegelman is currently meeting with Alabama Democrats at various locations around the state he calls "listening posts" in order to gauge whether he has enough support to run for Governor again. For the sake of their party (not that I care or anything), Democrats would be wise to tell Don "no."