Sunday, March 27, 2005
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China - Becoming a "Christian Nation?"

The New York Times's Nicolas Kristof says that as Christianity declines in Europe, it is thriving in the developing world. Among the places it is making inroads is in China. Kristof says, " seems possible to me that in a few decades, China could be a largely Christian nation."

Christianity is spreading rapidly in China in spite of the many challenges facing Christians there. From this Christian Science Monitor article: Bible study meetings are "frowned upon since officials feel such gatherings can incubate dissent." But even so, there is "what appears to be a public admittance by Beijing that Christianity is not only on the rise but is growing rapidly - and that the church is benefiting a spiritually hungry population that is growing more 'individualistic.'"

Journalist David Aikman, who was interviewed by National Review Online here, has written a book on this subject. One very prominent U.S. State Department official has taken notice, too.

This is really something to keep an eye on. If you thought the economic changes going on in China were revolutionary, just wait.