Monday, March 07, 2005
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University of Alabama Students Oppose Speech Code - The Blogosphere Weighs In

A couple of weeks ago, I linked to this article in the University of Alabama Crimson White discussing student opposition to a "hate speech" resolution passed by the UA Faculty Senate last fall. Since the report came out, the blogosphere has weighed in with a vengeance. Here's a roundup:

Stones Cry Out
UA Professor Charles Nuckolls at Liberty and Power
Randy Barnett at the Volokh Conspiracy
Todd Zywicki at the Volokh Conspiracy
Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly
Instapundit again
Southern Appeal
Dispatches From the Culture Wars
Palm Tree Pundit
World Wide Rant
Doubleplusgood Infotainment
Cut on the Bias
Firefly Fans

Also, check out FIRE's statement praising the Student Senate and this column by Mike S. Adams at Townhall. (These are referenced in some of the posts above, too.)