Wednesday, April 13, 2005
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Rep. Allen, Book-Banning, and Leftists on Campus

Rep. Gerald Allen's misguided effort to ban books from libraries is all the more frustrating because it shifts the focus from some very real problems on college campuses these days.

If Rep. Allen were to visit a college library, he would likely find books and journals written by people of every political persuasion, representing a true diversity of ideas. Consequently, he was unable to find much support for his book-banning bill, even from conservatives - and rightfully so.

On the other hand (as illustrated in my last post), there are entire departments at our state-supported universities that are unabashedly devoted to leftist political indoctrination. For example, if Rep. Allen were to take a close look at the numerous Women's Studies departments across the state, he would find that they uniformly reject academic discipline in favor of promoting a radical left-wing agenda that stands in direct opposition to discipline. This is troublesome to conservatives, libertarians, and even some liberals.

I'm hopeful that Rep. Allen has learned his lesson and will be more politically astute in the future. If he is serious about taking on the cultural left, he should focus his energy more directly on the source of the problem. Here's a place for him to start.