Thursday, May 26, 2005
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Study: PhD Recipients Lack Diversity

A new study says that the population of graduate students in American universities lacks diversity.

I agree.

University faculties face a serious shortage of conservative professors who hold Ph.D.'s in the humanities. This has led to humanities curricula that are tailored to present a one-sided perspective in courses like Western civilization, History, and other social sciences - making students ill-prepared to face a society in which conservatism is ascendant.

Also, new economic realities mean that in order for the United States to maintain its competitiveness, there is a need for more Masters and Ph.D. candidates in "productive" fields like engineering, mathematics, and the natural sciences. To create a work force that is ready to take on the challenges of the 21st Century requires more students with graduate degrees in those disciplines.

In contrast, I'd guess that those studying sociology and "oppression studies" are a tad overrepresented among grad students. This is somewhat troubling, as a large number of them will go on to serve up burritos at Taco Bell while writing treatises like "Hot versus Mild: The Sociopsychological Implications of Human Decisionmaking and Related Paterno-ethnic Considerations." Whatever - as long as they don't forget the guacamole. At least working in fast food is an honorable occupation. Unfortunately, many will go on to become professional activists or write indecipherable columns for the New York Times, or both, as if those are growth industries. They might as we...

Oh wait - hold on a minute.

Darn it. I need to start reading past the headlines. It seems that this new study is all about racial diversity. Oops - my bad. Pardon me while I reevaluate my priorities.