Thursday, June 30, 2005
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Incumbent Protection

Now that Republicans are poised to make an all-out effort to take control of the state legislature, at least one Democrat is proposing strict limitations on campaign contributions and spending.
At a news conference Wednesday, [State Senator Myron] Penn said increased accountability in government must include limiting the impact of special interests in elections. Penn proposes to do that by capping spending on all statewide and legislative races, by limiting contributions, and by restricting the activities of political action committees.

"Will this be a bold move in state government? Of course. But a bold move is exactly what is needed to assure the citizens of Alabama that government, starting with elections, belongs to them and not the big mules in Montgomery that pull wagons filled with limitless campaign dollars and resources that often influence elections and, thus, state government," Penn, D-Union Springs, said...

Currently, campaign contributions by individuals and political action committees are not limited. Penn's proposal would limit an individual to giving $1,000 to a candidate and a PAC to giving $5,000 to a candidate.

Currently, there are no limits on how much a candidate can spend. Penn's package would limit a candidate for statewide office to $1 million, a state Senate candidate to $50,000, and a state House candidate to $17,500.