Thursday, June 23, 2005
On this day:

Lucy Makes Some Friends the Alabama Education Association Leadership Conference in Huntsville.

...perhaps the most raucous applause came during the introduction, when Dr. Paul Hubbert, the head of AEA and one of the state's most influential lobbyists, said, "The people of Alabama twice elected her governor, sorry, treasurer."
From the Birmingham News:

Baxley in her speech did not lay out specific details or policies she might pursue as governor. Instead she told an abbreviated version of her life story: poor south Alabama farm girl guided by God and inspired by her teachers; Houston County courthouse worker who saw the needs of plain folk every day; successful Birmingham-area Realtor who left that lucrative job behind to seek and win public office in order to help others.
No specific details or policies...that seems to be a recurring theme with Mrs. Baxley.

"If you put your name on that line and you run for office, it's the one area where you are trying to give back to the rich, the poor, the young, the old, everybody," said Baxley. "When I am able, behind the scenes, to help someone reach the right place for help or do something, I am always so humble that they think, `Oh, she's the lieutenant governor.' You know I am always so eager for them to know that no, I'm you. I've walked in your shoes."

Putting your name on the line, Mrs. Baxley?