Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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Roy Moore: First-Class Jackass?

That's what Feddie at Southern Appeal thinks, citing this excerpt from a recent interview with Judge Moore:
Vanguard: Some in Washington feel that the filibustering of judicial nominees by Democrats is an attack on religion because some of those nominees have strong feelings about faith. Would you agree?

RM: Let's talk about specifics. Bill Pryor has strong religious convictions, yet he removes the monument of the Ten Commandments, which absolutely contradicts the law he is sworn to uphold? Do I think it is an attack on faith? Well, if it is, it is curious, because he agrees to uphold the order even if it contradicts the law.

I don't have any problem with the filibuster rules and allowing an up or down vote. But do I think that it is going to improve the system or that is going to be better for people of faith? Not when judges like Bill Pryor, who don't understand the First Amendment and will deny God simply because another man in a black robe tells him to do so.

When Bill Pryor or any other judge will obey an unlawful court order, that's not much of a matter of faith as you submit.

It is a political thing. The Republicans want to get their judges in. The Democrats want to get their judges in. They got this rule, the filibuster, which I don't agree with. But, the solution to our problems in this country is not the removal of filibuster. That's not going to help. We got education of judges to undergo. When we have Republican judges that have been blindly following unlawful orders like Bill Pryor did, we got a big problem.
Moore goes on to talk about Alabama's education system and economy. Pretty interesting, all in all, providing some insight into Moore's thinking on issues other than the Ten Commandments and activist federal judges.