Wednesday, January 18, 2006
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Auburn students win "Fear Factor"

For $250,000, college kids will do anything. From the Opelika-Auburn News:

More than 100 people braved a steady rain falling through the mostly open roof of the Sky Bar Tuesday night to watch hometown heroes Chad Granger and Lacey Moulton conquer their fears one last time - and win a quarter million dollars in the process. ...

An explosion of cheers and applause that went up from local supporters rivaled the on-screen blast that occurred during the show’s final stunt, which featured Lacey being dynamited out of the top floor of the Bates mansion.

Granger’s father, Dodd Granger, said he was impressed with the courage shown by Lacey, who had to eat two Iraqi Cow Spiders in the finale.

Actually it was a camel spider, not a cow spider. But, given that the winners are from Auburn, I guess the confusion is understandable.

Here is the couple's Fear Factor interview, and below is a picture of an Iraqi camel spider.