Thursday, January 05, 2006
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Lucy Baxley: "I am that woman"

Lucy Baxley has made it official...she's running for Governor.

(AP) "For the past 40 years, we have picked Governors by saying, `Well, the new guy can't possibly be as bad as the old guy,'" Baxley said. "Well, this year I don't think the new guy should be a guy at all. I think it should be a woman, and I am that woman."
She even has a few ideas now. They may be vague, but it's a start.
(AP) Speaking to more than 250 people at a meeting hall near the Capitol, Baxley laid out a lengthy campaign platform that included better state insurance coverage for children from low-income families, protecting tax revenue for public education from being used for other purposes, and toughening ethics laws to prohibit a public official from receiving more than $250 in one year from a person or group.

She also promised to create a Cabinet-level position to work on small business development and advocated a tax credit for small businesses that provide health insurance for their employees.