Wednesday, February 08, 2006
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Tweaking the tyrant

Fidel Castro is upset over a small electronic sign attached to the American mission in Havana, calling it a "gross provocation."

If he means that the sign may provoke renewed hopes for liberty on the streets of Havana, he may have a point. The sign, which has been functioning for a few weeks now, displays sayings from Martin Luther King Jr. and excerpts from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, among other things. One message read, "Everyone has the right to free thought." Apparently, that's too much for Mr. Castro: earlier this week, he erected a monument of sorts that is intended to prevent any subversive messages from reaching the the eyes of the masses.

Nonetheless, our diplomats kept on provoking.
Although it's now more difficult to read from afar, the electronic billboard continued to stream messages Tuesday, including one that read, "The only thing that we want to provoke with our little sign is the free flow of ideas and voices."
And in spite of Castro's antics, the truth still shines through. (Hat tip: Babalu Blog) Gotta love it.