Thursday, January 04, 2007
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Bama resets the market

On December 5, the Mobile Press-Register reported that "A University of Alabama source said the school does not intend to 'reset the market' for college football coaches with its new hire, meaning an offer in the neighborhood of $2 million annually should be expected."

Today, we learned that the University has changed its mind since last month. If early news reports are accurate, newly-hired UA coach Nick Saban is likely to become the highest paid coach in college football, receiving an average salary of $4 million per year over the course of his contract. Presumably, that doesn't include bonuses, benefits, and endorsements. His closest competition will be Oklahoma's Bob Stoops, who received $3.4 million in 2006, a figure that does include endorsements and bonuses. (Sources: Here and here.)

I don't know that this is a "problem," but even if it were, I can't think of a single solution that wouldn't involve what is certain to be a losing battle against the forces of the marketplace. What do y'all think?