Thursday, February 08, 2007
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Response to Alablawg #2: On a debating technique I find to be particularly foul and obnoxious

Next, Wheeler considers a few of my more recent posts. He says that he had intended initially to respond to this post ("Court: Alabama's tax code is Alabama's business")

...and to this one ("Give These Professors an 'F'")

...but decided instead to discuss this one ("Indoctrination 101")

...since it was even more "idiotic" than the first two.

Nonetheless, he spends four paragraphs discussing the two posts that he explicitly said he wasn't going to discuss. Interspersed in those four paragraphs are little ditties like: "What I wanted to say was...", and "I also wanted to take him to task for...", each of which are followed by lengthy diatribes on why I'm such a moron.

Well, I will refrain from discussing how obnoxious this kind of ploy is when you're trying to have a reasonable debate. If I had a mother-in-law, it would remind me of her. I can hear it now: "You know, Lee, I would tell you that you're a big fat lazy slob, but since you're part of the family and all, I can't possibly do that. Still, if I weren't such a nice person and your mother-in-law, I would tell everyone I know that you're a big, fat, lazy slob. And that you hang out with even bigger, fatter, lazier slobs. You disgust me. You're turning gray, too, you know..."

Spare me the condescension, please.