Sunday, January 13, 2008
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Mike Huckabee: Holy roller?

Note to Andrew Sullivan (re: this post):

Mike Huckabee is a Southern Baptist, and Southern Baptists are most certainly not "holy rollers."

Allow me to explain.

If a Southern Baptist so much as claps in church, he'll feel guilty about it all week. If, on the other hand, he gorges himself afterwards at the covered dish dinner in the fellowship hall, he'll only get a tad of heartburn.

All good Baptists will extend the right hand of fellowship to Brother So-and-So who says "Amen" at the high points of the preacher's sermon, but the deacons may suspect that he's a Charismatic.

In a Baptist church, you should never wave your hands during a worship service. Tapping your feet to "Power in the Blood" is one thing, but hand-waving during of these new-fangled praise hymns is quite another. Occasionally, you may be asked to raise one hand in response to a question from the preacher, but only while "every head is bowed and every eye is closed." For born-again Baptists, this part of the service can sometimes be quite uncomfortable, depending on the question. It's kind of like meeting another Baptist in the liquor store. The rule - understood by all - is "don't peek," but if you do, at least don't tell anyone what you saw.

Anyway, Brother Andrew, if you're looking for the holy rollers, you'll have to go down the street a little ways from Brother Huck's church. You'll find them at the First United Pentecostal Apostolic Holiness Church of Oneness in Jesus's Name. Hope you're not scared of snakes.