Thursday, February 28, 2008
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Friends of Obama

Thanks to and others, we now have a bit more insight into why Barack Obama seems so eager to welcome those who consider themselves to be enemies of America into the White House . He's apparently had a fair amount of experience in conducting such friendly tête-à-têtes. See here, here, and here. Very troubling.

Bloomberg News reported this story originally, and it was picked up by the New York Sun here.

Commentary's John Podhoretz asks some very good questions:

Barack Obama is in no way responsible for anything William Ayers might have said or done, and anyone who suggests otherwise is guilty of demagougery.

But here’s a thought experiment. What if John McCain had visited the Unabomber’s cabin? Or had been photographed with Terry Nichols? Or had stopped off at David Duke’s house at some point because he was gathering support and donors?

How big a story would that be?