Saturday, October 18, 2008
On this day:

Christopher Buckley speaks to NRO

See Christopher Buckley's interview with Peter Robinson on NRO's Uncommon Knowledge by clicking the links below:
Part 1 Christopher Buckley discusses (sort of) his new comic novel, Supreme Courtship. What was his motivation? “I thought, the Supreme Court … why not?” What is his method? “I am a plotter,” says Buckley.

Part 2 Christopher Buckley discusses POTUS as acronym and erectile dysfunction. He also chimes in on the new media — Wolfe’s “billion-footed beast.”

Part 3 Christopher Buckley, former presidential speechwriter, rates the speechifying of Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin.

Part 4 Christopher Buckley reflects on life with WFB, from Friday-night sails to a father’s fear of wasted time.

Part 5 Christopher Buckley talks about politics, Republicans, the war, spending, McCain, Obama, and American life.