Tuesday, March 08, 2005
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Honda General Manager Praises Alabama Workers

The general manager of the Honda facility in Lincoln, Alabama, had some good things to say about workers in Alabama:
When you look at the team orientation that you have in sports - and certainly I have become a fan of SEC athletics - and the competitive nature of the Alabamians, whether it's through sports or business, [that] has been an interesting strength we've identified here.

I'll give you an example. We're a young company, 39 months into mass production, and we have developed in North America some competitive activities, we call them the "technical festival." ... Once a year we've had internal competitions for things like how many bolts can you put in a threaded plate in 30 seconds. ...A couple of years ago we had the runoffs in Canada. And you always knew where the Alabama contingent was because they were the most spirited, and they were the most competitive.