Wednesday, April 13, 2005
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Parking in the Tetons

You gotta read this story from Saturday's Huntsville Times:

A Huntsville lawyer who police found naked with a partially clad woman in a parked pickup truck plans to appeal his conviction Friday on misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure and harassment.

Patrick Jones, 47, was sentenced to 120 days in jail. Stephanie Ann Anderson, 30, who also plans an appeal, was sentenced to 90 days on a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure.

Municipal Judge Liles Burke of Arab, substituting for a Huntsville judge, found them guilty after hearing testimony from two police officers and a woman who called police one night last summer about the pickup parked in front of her house. Jones and Anderson did not testify...

Municipal Judge Sonny Rodenhauser would have heard the case but he stepped aside Friday. Jones and Rodenhauser have practiced together and opposed each other in court cases, said Robert Tuten, Jones' lawyer.

The amorous couple was arrested on Teton Circle in Huntsville. It gets it all.

Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy has looked at the Alabama indecent exposure statute, and says that the case raises some interesting legal questions.

The Will Work for Favorable Dicta blog asks:
What activity is always performed best when drunk?
a. Dancing
b. Putting on make-up
c. Motion for Summary Judgment
d. The Woo-ing of The Lay-deese
e. Having sex in the cab of your pick-up truck with, you know, some chick from the bar
f. All of the above