Thursday, June 30, 2005
On this day:

Alcohol Abuse

He did what? owner Randy Griffith decided that following his renewed faith in God meant shutting down drinking and smoking at T-Bird's Cafe.

You can still get wings and that enormous Texas burger - 10 ounces of beef and grilled onions on Texas toast - but you'll be washing it down with sweet tea.

Once Griffith made up his mind to turn in his liquor license, with wife Terry's blessing, next came the question: What to do with $4,000 worth of beer and booze? The distributor wouldn't take it back (Griffith said he probably would have if T-Bird's was going out of business) and, besides, the owner had a more symbolic idea in mind.

He'd pour the Bud Light down the drain and bash the bottles of liquor in a trash can.

"A few of my employees have wanted to cry about that part," Griffith said. "One of my cooks has already given me his two-week notice...

T-Bird's is known as a biker bar. Someone wrote, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" on the patio's fence near a wall mural of motorcycles riding down a winding mountain road, with shadowy faces of American Indians painted in the mountains. Countless poker runs - they're laid-back, non-competitive races for charity - have started and finished here, the only place on the highway between Chapman Mountain and Scottsboro that you can get a drink. (Huntsville Times)

Couldn't he have become an Episcopalian or something?