Saturday, January 06, 2007
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Turf's up

The city of Gardendale is auctioning off the original turf from Birmingham's Legion Field. The Birmingham News reports:

A piece of the turf where Bear walked is for sale.

That's Bear, as in Bear Bryant, and that's turf, as in the original PolyTurf that was put down at Legion Field back in 1970.

"We're having a garage sale," said Gardendale Mayor Kenny Clemons, "and one of the things we're selling is the original turf from Legion Field. Actually, it will be an auction, and we have hundreds of items to be sold. But the star of the show will be the turf."

Clemons said the yard markings can still be seen on the rolls of turf. And Clemons insists, tongue firmly in cheek, that Bryant's footprints can still be seen, and for Auburn fans, perhaps the imprint of David Langner's cleats where he picked up two blocked punts and returned them for touchdowns in the Tigers' comeback win over Alabama in 1972.

"Oh, I'm sure those footprints are still there," Clemons said, "but I don't know which pieces. Folks will just have to buy them and look real hard." ...

The city will auction it all together, or in pieces.

The sale of the turf is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Jan. 20 at the old Anderson boat dealership in north Gardendale. Along with the turf will be other items declared surplus, including office equipment, automobiles, tractor equipment, things confiscated by the police department and never used, and other treasures.

Too bad the University of Alabama didn't its hands on this stuff first. They could sell it and use the money to pay for Nick Saban's first hour on the clock.