Thursday, July 31, 2008
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Parker Griffith: Undecided

Last month, Parker Griffith declined to say who he'll be supporting in this year's presidential race. Then last Monday, the Huntsville Times asked him who will he will support for Speaker of the House should he be elected as U.S. Representative from Alabama's fifth district. They got yet another non-answer:
"I don't know who the nominees will be," Griffith said. "I don't know if there will be a challenge to Nancy Pelosi or not. My comment on this is that my loyalty would be to the 5th Congressional District and its constituents. ...

"This is about who will be the best congressman for the 5th District... I strongly object to anyone characterizing this campaign as anything other than a contest between myself and Wayne Parker."
Griffith can object all he wants, but his vote as to who should become the next House Speaker will be one the most important he will cast as a freshman U.S. Congressman, should he be elected.

The Speaker has an enormous amount of power over the legislative process. For instance, Speaker Pelosi is currently using that power to prevent the House from voting on a bill to allow offshore drilling and exploration for oil and natural gas, stating that she is "trying to save the planet." It seems that in Speaker Pelosi's mind, saving the planet is not compatible with saving Americans money at the pump. Is that the kind of leadership and judgment that Parker Griffith would look for in a candidate for Speaker of the House? Is it unfair to ask whether Griffith believes that a vote for Nancy Pelosi would best serve the interests of the 5th Congressional District and its constituents?

These are reasonable questions and they deserve reasonable answers.