Thursday, October 07, 2004
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APTV Coverage of the Siegelman (D-Tuscaloosa) Trial Dismissal

I tuned in to "For the Record" on Alabama Public Television Tuesday night hoping to hear a thorough and balanced discussion of Judge Clemon's dismissal of the Siegelman/Hamrick trial. Perhaps predictably, I found my confidence in public television to be misplaced.

The three guests were attorneys Doug Jones and Stephen Glassroth and a Republican party political analyst whose name I can't remember. The attorneys were two of Siegelman's trial lawyer cronies who performed well in denouncing the prosecution and touting the virtues of Gov. Siegelman. Unfortunately, the Republican political analyst was only competent to offer opinions regarding the political ramifications of the case. He didn't have the expertise to discuss the legal issues involved, so the two lawyers' criticism of the prosecution team went unanswered.

Considering the harsh words that were spoken against Attorney General Troy King and U.S. Attorney Alice Martin, I hope that APT will give equal time for King and Martin to respond sometime in the near future.