Tuesday, March 08, 2005
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Tyrant-Taunting Tuesday: Chi-Coms Unveil Their Weakness

"If possibilities for a peaceful reunification should be completely exhausted, the state shall employ nonpeaceful means and other necessary measures to protect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

That is the language that the Chinese Communists have employed to warn the free people of Taiwan of the consequences of any move towards "secession." In unveiling their new "anti-secession" law today, the Chi-Coms have shown the world their weakness. While the Communists resort to threats and intimidation in their quest to enslave "one China" under their Godless ideology, the people of Taiwan show that liberty and democracy are possible for all of China. That's why Taiwan is such a menacing threat to the Chinese Communists, and it's why the people of Taiwan are such an inspiration to freedom-loving people the world over.