Wednesday, April 13, 2005
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Siegelman Leaning Toward Run for Governor

In a "listening post" meeting with the Auburn College Democrats Tuesday evening, Don Siegelman said he is leaning towards running for Governor again in 2006. He told the AP that if he decides to run, his primary campaign issue will be constitution reform: "It will be my number one plank. If they think they got tired hearing me talk about the lottery before, wait until I start talking about this."

Siegelman also touched on the oft-repeated themes that Republicans stole the election from him in 2002 and that the fraud and conspiracy charges levied against him by federal prosecutors were politically motivated. “I thought they would’ve been satisfied with stealing the election, but then they come with a false prosecution,” Siegelman said (Opelika-Auburn News).

Mr. Siegelman's beginning to sound like a broken record.